Hi, I'm Brittany

I'm a native Texan, wife, and busy mom of two – a volleyball player who just started high school and a baseball player who just started middle school. That means most days I'm a personal taxi, school lunch chef, cheerleader and crisis negotiator. Oh... and in my spare time I also love taking photos.

I graduated with a degree in advertising photography from the esteemed Brooks Institute of Photography. Sadly, the school has since closed down, but I loved my time there. I still do commercial work when the opportunities arise, but these days most of my photography work is centered around volleyball and baseball. I take action stills for both club and school as well as individual and team athlete portraits. Maternity, newborn and senior portraits are also a favorite of mine.

If you like my work, please reach out. I'd love to get the opportunity to help you make lasting memories of your loved ones.



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